I have been having buddy PT sessions with Nicky since January this year. I can honestly, hand on heart say that I have never felt so good about myself!  Nicky is a wonderful PT and a great motivator...whatever your goals may be, she works tirelessly to help you achieve them.  The sessions are varied and perfectly tailored to your individual strength and fitness ability. I have sessions with a friend and although we do the same exercises the finer detail is tailored to us each individually.  Alongside PT, I have also been attending both the Ab Rehab and Ladies Boxercise classes weekly, both of which have played a huge part in my new found love for training! Nicky has also given fabulous nutritional guidance and the introduction of the 'food diary' was essential in me meeting my early goals.  I can't recommend fitness sessions with Nicky enough, she gets a full 5 stars from me! - Sarah, Sawbridgeworth

Thanks Nicky, I am really enjoying your classes - I was feeling quite low about how unfit and overweight I managed to get during pregnancy but I am enjoying the fresh air, exercise and good company at your classes.Thanks for all your encouragement and positivity! - Janine, Sawbridgeworth



Since starting your Ab Rehab classes I have really noticed a big improvement in my core strength. I am much stronger and feel as though I can do the exercises better than ever without putting too much strain on my problematic hip flexor! In some exercises where my pelvis use to tilt and my back arch I can now feel my stronger core pull the other way and prevent this. Based on my past back/neck issues I wasn't sure this class could help me but it just goes to show that sometimes the exercises that you don't want to do are in fact the ones you really need to do and the improvement has been quite rapid! Thank you! - Caroline, Sawbridgeworth



Nicky is a lovely lady as well as an excellent trainer. With her gentle way of getting you to push yourself in PT my technique has improved and my ability to exercise has increased. Nicky has also given me the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and try new things like boxing and running - Carrie, Sawbridgeworth



Nicky's buggy fitness sessions are fab! I love exercising in the fresh air with other mums and not having to worrry about childcare is a real plus. The sessions are always fun and varied with lots of different toning and cardio exercises. Nicky is so friendly and always manages to work us hard, but allows everyone to work at their own pace. I cannot recommend Nicky highly enough, a fantastic way to start and continue exercising after having a baby - Anna, Bishop's Stortford



I've been going to Nicky's classes since my little one was around 12 weeks, he's nearly one now and I attend MumsFit classes twice a week. It's been brilliant in so many ways, from gaining back body confidence, to making new friends, we're all mums and it doesn't matter what level of fitness you are. Nicky shows you multiple versions of an exercise to suit you, she's a great trainer and motivator. I feel much fitter and evently toned, more than I did before getting pregnant!! This is a huge deal to me because I use to go to the gym 3/4 times a week. MumsFit is the only exercise I do now and I love it!! - Celeste, Bishop's Stortford