• Nicola Tilley

MumsFit Mudders!

At the end of November 2015 a team of 10 amazing MumsFit ladies enter the Nuclear Fallout Adventure Race at Kelvedon Hatch, Brentwood, Essex. A fantastic bunch of ladies, some with experience of Tough Mudders to some with absolutely no experience of anything quite like this! We chose the 6k route (12K I had previously entered 2 years ago but in May, which was far nicer conditions!). However, the 6k route was announced to be 7k a few days before so even more of a challenge! The weather was awful, rain and even more mud - the organisers had "red flagged" the day - meaning severe weather! We stuck together and completed the race in two and half hours, freezing cold, soaked and muddier than mud! May 2016 Nuclear Rush - here we come!......

#womensfitness #fitness #obstaclerace #NuclearRaces

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