• Nicola Tilley

"Ab Rehab"


Some of the ladies @ "Ab Rehab" @ The Centre of Wellbeing in Sawbridgeworth.

A 6 week course with only 8 per class so a very individual approach.

The course is designed to help strengthen and re-align your tummy muscles whether you had a baby 3 months or 13 years ago. The first class "beginners" starts with an introduction into key musculature and the "do's" and "don'ts" of abdominal exercises. I will also show you the correct way to check for abdominal separation "diastatis recti". The course progresses over the 6 weeks and homework with exercise graphics is emailed following every session.

Once you have attended the "beginner" course you can book onto the "intermediate" course which is a more intensive class taking your through some more key strengthening exercises.

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